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Garage Door Springs Repair

Fix your broken garage door spring fast! The garage door spring repair technicians will come to your home and perform an inspection to determine the correct size needed to replace your broken garage door springs. We replace broken torsion springs and extension springs on residential garage doors as well as on commercial and industrial sectional, and rolling steel doors among many others.

When it comes to changing your garage door springs, it is NOT a DIY project. Garage door spring repair and adjustments should never be performed by individuals who are not properly trained. To perform this task, you need to have the proper skills and tools to complete the job safely and correctly. Continuing to operate your door with a broken spring is very dangerous and can cause additional damage to the garage door and electric opener systems.

A broken garage door spring replacement is one of the most common repairs required on a garage door. These springs come in varying sizes and act as a balance, lifting most of the garage door weight. This allows the door to easily open and close manually or with the assistance of an opener. This is why we send our technicians to your home to determine the spring that is right for your garage door’s needs. Our garage door springs start at $55.

Things to Consider Before You Hire Someone To Fix a Garage Door Spring:

  • Is this an emergency?
  • What type of spring system do you have?
  • What type of garage door is this?               
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